New Arrivals

Edit Serif Pro

Edit Serif is a brand new typeface designed to create multi-platform editorial typography. Handling small, medium and large sized texts while balancing recognisable details with high legibility. more…

Novel Display

The Novel Collection has been extended by a display version of Novel Sans in 5 widths and 50 steps in total. For more compact headlines, titles and word marks. more…


Very soon the majority of our typefaces will be extended by many other non latin scripts. If you wish for details on our multilingual typeface developments or release dates, please get in touch.

Typeface Collections

All of our typefaces are large superfamilies covering multiple versions based on the same design concept. This way we are able to offer countless design solutions within one design concept and as well as the perfect solution for every application.


Heimat Collection

A system of 5 largely extended font families that covers the demands of expressive typography. Initially designed as a grotesk typeface with the characteristics of the late 20ies, the concept was applied to a monospaced, a didone, a high contrast sans serif and a stencil design. more…

Novel Collection

So far the collection contains 7 font families and it’s still growing. All typefaces within the collection have been designed to be part of a systematic approach to typography. The Novel Collection works in both, editorial environments but als in complex corporate identity programs. more…

Custom Type

The status quo can not always offer the best solution for a certain typographic need. Uniqueness for commercial purposes, technological requirements, licensing limitations, aesthetics – there are many reasons for considering a custom or customized typography.


Not all of our typefaces are available as webfont, app font or for e-publications yet, though we are doing our best to make sure all will be soon. If you are interest in implementing our type in your project and cannot find them online please get in touch with us.


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